So the first IMG gradings are published and some people were waiting for them in anticipation so now they know and can sit on their laurels or seek to improve. Personally there is not much there that surprises me as firstly we are roughly where i expected us to be but possibly with a slightly higher mark than anticipated and secondly the only Championship Club above SL Clubs is Toulouse so no great shocks there as that is exactly what i expected.

So the only surprise for me was London being so low and I am sure they will be looking to improve to avoid any negative consequences which certainly could be severe for them.

So from our Clubs point of view we have requested as much detail as possible from the Rfl and we will then analyse if we can improve and if so by how much we can improve and at that stage we will advise supporters who are interested of our detailed views. We voted against these proposals so we are entitled to complain if we so wish but Clubs who voted in favour in my view cannot complain but i bet next year when it impacts some do!

The Club’s priorities however are to sort out our finances going forward, ensure we have a competitive team next season and try to improve certain facilities at the Club to make us sustainable for the future. We would prefer to be high up in a Championship table on the field rather than a Grading table off it as that is why we are here .We love the sport of Rugby League at Batley Bulldogs.

By the way just to confirm now even if we are lucky enough to finish top of the Championship next year and win a Grand Final we won’t be eligible for SL but i think most supporters know that already. We will nevertheless not let that sad fact deter us in any way from a goal of finishing as high up in the Champi