Our win against Featherstone was outstanding and it was the 5th on the bounce and the 11th of the season. We knew by retaining most of our team from 2021 we would do well but our performances this season have exceeded even our expectations but the downside is the financial consequences of success when crowds have not increased and beer & food sales have fallen. We desperately need to do something about it if we are to progress next season as well. We need to try to encourage more people to come and watch and we need to generate more monies and quickly. You will have seen elsewhere our initiative for this week’s game and our first fundraiser is a GRAND LIFELINE DRAW.

This is an online draw where tickets are £2 and the prize is £1,000!! So clearly well worth winning for anybody whether they are a Bulldogs supporter or not. The draw will take place when we have sold 1,000 tickets so the quicker we sell them the quicker we have a winner and the quicker we raise also £1,000 for our Club.

Please  SHARE this story as the more people that know about it the more chance we have of selling out quickly. As more fundraising follows and more events the more you SHARE everything the more chance we have of it being a success so you are helping the Club by doing that. It’s simple as that so let’s go!!!

Buy tickets now at bulldogs.mysportstickets.co.uk