A message from the Chaplain to the players, coaches, staff, fans and all the family of Batley Bulldogs:

I can’t deny that this is a difficult time and much as we miss our sport, we are learning that there are things even more important. The Bible emphasises the importance of family and the Lord Jesus commands us to ‘love our neighbour as ourselves’.

Ever since I first became involved, family and caring for one another were the qualities that were so clear and so much a part of our club. I want to urge us to use those wonderful qualities to support the Bulldogs family at this time.

Please let’s not leave anyone out but keep watch for each other. Use social media to keep the fun and banter going (I’m sure James Brown will find a way to tease me about alleged activities in Batley!), message or phone those you can’t visit or meet up with and let’s be ready to share our needs and help those who can’t get out. Mental health is as important as physical health at this time, so let’s make sure we talk to each other and look out for anyone struggling.

No club has better community or family than Batley, if there is one word that sums us up then surely it is “Together”. We win together, we lose together, we celebrate together, we grieve together, and we are all in it together. So, I’m confident that when all this is over, we will come back together and be that strong caring family that we have always been. Until then be assured of my love and prayers; I’m available for anyone who wants to talk to me.

God Bless you , Derek